Help IP - Sistema IP de Llamada a Enfermera
Swiss Medical Group

History in medical institutions

The first Surix nurse call system was installed in 2006 in the resplendent Sanatorio Los Arcos building, the most modern one at the time.

Surix was chosen to provide the nurse call system thanks to the fact that no other company could satisfy the sofisticated requirements requested by Swiss Medical Group. Surix faced this challenge and set the whole engineering department to develop the specific solution that the client required.
The Instituto Los Arcos was followed by Sanatorio Anchorena with similar requirements...
but not the same, so our engineers worked to face this new challenge.

Soon, more and more medical institutions followed them. We are proud to say that, as time passes by, the Swiss Medical Group institution equipped all their assistance buildings with Surix systems, including Los Arcos II, their brand-new building.

Swiss Medical Group
Help IP - Sistema de Llamada a Enfermera

Loudspeaker call to nurses and maids
This system allows calling with loud and clear voice.
As it is based on a telephone exchange, it has different
calling options such as call to one or several positions
and conference between areas.

Distinction between bed and bathroom
The console indicates the origin of the call to call
the nurse attention. Usually, the ones that come from
the bathroom are more urgent (fading, falling, etc)
than the usual ones from the beds.

Local call cancellation from the bedroom
The terminal has a button to indicate that the nurse
is no more needed. The hallway light turns off
and the room goes back to “rest” status
on the nurse console.

Remote call cancellation from office
Using the mouse, the nurse indicates the room
and with a personal password, the call is cancelled.
The password is asked because:
- Not every hospital wants the call to be cancelled before the nurse goes to the room.
- To know who cancelled the call.
- For statistic reasons.


Hallway light control.
· Steady red light when the patient
makes a normal call from bed.
· Flickering red light when the patient is calling from the bathroom (to indicate urgency).
· Steady green light to indicate that the nurse is in the room.

Screen with memory call in the nurse office.
The nurse screen was designed after several years
in contact with the needs of hospital staff.
The nurse needs immediate information, so the screen
is designed for the nurses to see only which rooms
are calling that office.

It is also possible to create more screens so that they can supervise all the rooms.

Características y componentes Help IP

IP telephone central
It contains the communication management software
plus the specific Surix software for nurse console
management, administration, and statistics.
Only one central for the whole hospital.

Nurse call console
It consists on a computer that handles a web browser. The software runs in the central.


Call terminal
It gathers the technology/equipment inside the room. It admits up to two hand pagers for patients, bathroom call, and control the hallway light.

· It is connected to the central by connecting the data through the hospital’s LAN nerwork.
· It has Cancel call and Nurse in the room buttons.
· As an IP technology equipment, once the programming is installed, it is adjusted through the database channel. It also can be equipped with a proximity card reader. Download data sheet.

Patient pager
It has the needed buttons for: calling nurse, maid, reading light on/off, etc. The nurse call button is fixed, while the other ones are personally designed. Download data sheet.

Flush toilet call
It has the needed buttons for: calling nurse, maid, reading light on/off, etc. The nurse call button is fixed, while the other ones are personally designed. Download data sheet. Descargar ficha técnica.

Hallway light
It has one or two colors, depending on the client’s preferences. This light indicates waiting call or the presence of the nurse in the room.

Ip cameras + videocall
This feature is really useful for the nurse to know immediately if the patient that is calling needs urgent assistance. Cameras are generally installed in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) rooms.
Text messages
To take advantage of the IP technology, a GSM card with a cellphone line can be added and send text messages to nurses and/or doctors.
This system divides the speakers in areas and comunicates in all of them or in specific ones indications and calls doctors or other staff members. *
Service statistics
In the computer that executes the VoIP telephone software, an administrator database is created to record service statistics such as attention delay, nurses, etc.
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